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Photoshop Assignments

Rubric for PhotoShop Projects:  http://www.in-visions.net/photoshop_project.htm

Seventies Teacher
Files to use - link
Polar Bear
Files to use - link
Refine Edge Explained - Source

Mirror Tutorial -

Assignment #2:

Using the tools you were taught thus far (selection, refine edges, paste into, transform selection, transform tools, and layer styles) create a New York City Time's square theme using pictures of your choice!

Assignment #3--Ideal Car

Paste Into Command: - Image in a Screen

New brushes tutorial: - Info Page

You are to find the car you would like to own one day.  In a new file (10 by 8 inches, saved as Last Name-Ideal Car) you are to do the following:

Create a new background
Create a new license plate
Place someone in the car to drive it (you made include passengers)
Place detailed work on the car (graphics, images, stripes, etc.)
Create new wheels or change existing wheels
Include a billboard with an advertisement

Be sure to use the following tools/elements you were taught:  Tools used in the previous assignments where appropriate, color replacement tool, new brushes you create, etc.

Assignment #4--Variety

Practice using liquify, filters and adjustment layers.

Example applications -- Tutorial - Easy Puzzles
                                                                         From Photo to Pencil Sketch
                                                            Andy Warhol Effect

You will be using both Powerpoint and Photoshop to complete this assignment.


Slide 1—Title

Slide 2—Filters-4

Slide 3—Liquify-2

Slide 4—Filter-Render-Lighting Effects-2

Slide 5—Pencil Sketch-2

Slide 6--Andy Warhol Effect-2

Slide 7--Clipping Mask of a Shape and Picture-4


Slide 8—Color Replacement-2

Slide 9--Easy Puzzles-2


Assignments #5--Animations

Slide 1—Title

Slide 2—Changing Pictures

Slide 3—Counting / Text

Slide 4—Opacity / Tweening

Slide 5—Movement

Slide 6--Transforming

Slide 7--Colorizing

Slide 8—Action Animation-Puzzle

Slide 9--Animation-Big Picture

Slide 10—Animating an action of your choice

Assignment #6--Creative Mosaic

You will be creating a  creative quilt.

Link to assignment:  Quilt Assignment

Assignment #7:  Halloween Scene in a Halloween Shaped Frame

Tutorial -  Fall Leaf Photo Frame

Students will create a Halloween Scene using at least 3 brushes that they create and filling at least 2 areas with a pattern they create.  The final picture must be placed in a Halloween themed shaped frame!

Assignment #8--Create Your Own ClipArt

Custom Clipart Creation

You are to create a clip art to use in your song project. 

Assignment #9-A Set of Mugs

Warping Graphics to a Mug

With your right mouse button, choose save as for the following files:

Warp Mug Before

Cow Graphics 


Your assignment is to create a set of 4 mugs (4 different pictures)

You can use any mug or cup you wish

Choose a theme

Create an magazine advertisement out of your mugs

Assignment #10--Some advanced applications

Go to--Link and complete the following tutorials:

Experiment In Embossing: Wood Grain Portrait

Simple Statues

Also complete:

Adding Texture to a Face

Creating an Avatar (Special Thanks to Betty Kohmuench for this PowerPoint)

For Instructions for each Photoshop Assignment-Click here


SOS idea


A list of graphic links!


As a quote from their website: "PicFindr searches the web* for stock photography that is completely free to use commercially."





Old Assignments

Assignment #2--DreamCar

Using the following Adobe PhotoShop techniques taught:

Using Styles
Paste Into Command
Working with Layer
Create your dream car! 

Be sure to put your picture in a frame!

Assignment #3--A Dozen of ?
Click here for instructions

By using their first day photo or a picture of a favorite faculty member or famous person, the students will begin to study and master working with selection tools, deleting a background image, cropping, creating layers and applying filters to each of the layers.

Using Styles
Paste Into Command
Working with Layer
Create a background

Assignment #4--Lancer Cartoon

Click here for instructions
click here for a sample cartoon

Click here for your rubric and reflection sheet

Assignment #5--Creative Quilt

Using the following Adobe PhotoShop techniques taught:

Working with Layers
The Magic Wand Selection Tool

quilt block 1.gif (7007 bytes)

Find some different backgrounds, patterns and pictures to create a quilt to use as a background.  The above image is an example of one to begin with.  You can find some more by clicking on the following link:  More Quilt Patterns.  Be sure to work with layers (including duplicate layers) to create an interesting and fascinating quilt.  Also be sure
to use at least 5 filters.

Assignment #6--Variety

Slide 1—Liquefy

Slide 2—Filters
           5 layers with 5 different filters

Slide 3—Correction layers to colorize a desaturated layer

Slide 4—Blending two layers together to create an interesting picture

Slide 5—Work on a picture for your song project using the techniques taught in today’s lesson.

Assignment #7:  Halloween Scene

Students will create a Halloween Scene using at least 3 brushes that they create and filling at least 2 areas with a pattern they create

Assignment #8--CD Cover

Before and After Assignment

You have been commissioned to redesign  a CD/DVD cover (front and back) for your favorite group, movie or television show using Adobe PhotoShop.  You are to have at least 10 layers.  Within these 10 layers be sure to include text (remember you can have both vertical and horizontal text).  Be sure to use all the concepts that we have worked with in class.   This will be displayed in a PowerPoint presentation showing the original CD cover (front) and your redesign (front and back).

The front cover should include:




The back cover should include:


List of songs, shows, actors/actresses, etc.

Be creative and don't be afraid to try using some actions and filters.

Size:  5 inches by 5 inches

File name:  Last name-DVD/CD Cover Front

Last name-DVD/CD Cover Back

Assignment #9--Lesson created from a tutorial you try

First try the Andy Warhol Look at:


You are to find a photoshop tutorial that does something useful and/or fun.  You will develop a lesson to share with the class from this tutorial.

Tutorial sites can be found at:

Html or Video Tutorials

Students will be taken step-by-step- by the teacher on creating some sample Animations.

Students will be asked to create three animations to include in their portfolios!

Rubric for Animation


Tutorials to Complete

First look at winning magazine covers

Also check out previous contests (bottom of web site)

Complete 5 of the tutorials on the following page:
(You are required to complete the

3D Cube in Photoshop

Choose an additional 4:
Check out some tutorials at:

Html or Video Tutorials

Be sure to save the photoshop work in the Tutorials on PhotoShop folder version in each of the tutorial folders:

Be sure to save for web the final picture in the final assignments folder named Tutorials with the following file names:

Last Name-Name of tutorial 3-D Cube in PhotoShop
Last Name - Rollover Effects
Last Name - Name of Tutorial
Last Name - Name of Tutorial
Last Name - Name of Tutorial

No credit will be given unless your work is shown in psd format, with all the layers, in your individual tutorial folders.


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